Viet Nam becomes a council for the first time APO agreement

Post by: Yến Hoa Ngô Kiều - Post date: Monday, Feb 13, 2023 | 9:20 - View count: 160

The Asian Productivity Organization Accreditation Body Council (APO-AB Council), which was established in 2019, is responsible for overseeing the administration and implementation of the APO Accreditation and Certification Program in accordance with international standards. economic. To strengthen and advance APO’s position as the leading worldwide productivity organization in the area, this is a crucial task. In order to raise awareness of APO, support and grow the global community of productivity professionals, and strengthen APO’s leadership in productivity in the area, the APO-AB Council will assess, review, and recognize the capability and credibility of national productivity agencies (NPOs) and other pertinent organizations.

The Secretary General of the APO, the Council’s Chairman, coordinates the activities of the NPO leaders, government representatives, national accreditation organization representatives, and business groups that make up the APO-AB Council. The ultimate decision-making body for setting future course, reviewing progress, and making suggestions for management enhancements is the APO-AB Council.

 A total of 10 representative representatives were recommended to be chosen as esteemed members in accordance with the APO-AB 1001:2020 Rules and Procedures, as well as the evaluation of capacity, experience, and productivity-related accomplishments. Assemblies APO-AB. In which it was announced that Dr. Ha Minh Hiep, Director of APO Vietnam and Deputy General Director in charge of the General Department of Standards, Metrology, and Quality, will be one of the 10 members of the APO-AB Council for the years 2023–2025. The fact that Vietnam now has a presence on the APO-AB Council is very noteworthy.

The first annual meeting of the APO-AB Council for the term 2023-2025 is scheduled to take place from March 15-16, 2023 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.