International cooperation – a factor in setting standards for key technology industries

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On November 23-24, 2022, the Australian Standardization Authority organized the ASEAN-Australia Online Conference on New Critical Technology. The conference is a discussion forum for leading experts in the field of emerging key technologies, consulting and policy-making bodies, businesses, standard-setters, and more.

Critical technologies, such as those in cyberspace, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, the internet of things (IOT), quantum computing, and synthetic biology, are those that have the potential to significantly advance or endanger national interests, prosperity, social cohesion, and national security, according to the Australian government.

In 2021, the Australian government published the list of Critical Technologies in the Country Report with implementation plan. Australia identifies 63 new critical technologies, which have the potential to be used in a variety of ways, including defense and security. This list is regularly reviewed and updated based on stakeholder consultation.

Regarding the purpose and significance of standards, as well as the opportunities and problems facing regional standardization bodies in creating national and international standards, experts expressed a variety of viewpoints. Through national programs of these two nations, speakers from Singapore and Indonesia described current activities at Technical Committees and emphasized the need of participation in National and International Technical Committees to build standards in this field. The US Brookings Institution released the rankings of some countries in the region on key criteria at the conference. Australia came out on top with 78 points, Singapore came in second with 75 points, Malaysia came in third with 69 points, the Philippines came in third with 69 points, Indonesia came in fifth with 68 points, and Vietnam came in sixth with 64 points, ahead of Cambodia (62 points).

Mr. Ha Minh Hiep, Deputy Director General in charge of the General Department of Standards, Metrology, and Quality was invited to participate as a speaker to present on the development of new key technology standards taking place in Vietnam today. as well as orientation for this activity in Vietnam in the future. Ha Minh Hiep affirmed that international cooperation is the key to Vietnam’s success in setting standards for key technologies, aiming to bring opportunities and make the most of the use of technology. use new technology and innovation, support trade and international integration, and strengthen national security.