Change the future of young generations through productivity

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On August 31, the General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality held a scientific conference with the theme “Productivity for the young generation” in Ho Chi Minh City.

The workshop had the participation of Dr. Ha Minh Hiep – Acting Director General, Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, leader of the Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality of Binh Duong province, representatives of departments, branches and businesses in Binh Duong province and east Island of university students in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the conference, Dr. Ha Minh Hiep shared in-depth thoughts on digital transformation and innovation, and an overview of the concept of productivity.

According to Dr. Ha Minh Hiep, concentrating on production will improve today and tomorrow from a socioeconomic standpoint. This is the route to prosperity, a better quality of life, and enjoyment for everybody.

Accordingly, Dr. Ha Minh Hiep presented 4 drivers of productivity; Enterprise productivity management platform; Evolving productivity in individuals, organizations, businesses;…

Dr. Ha Minh Hiep underlined that 5S and Kaizen (Culture of Improvement) help improve employee behavior and optimize production processes, helping to raise production efficiency, with regard to the evolution of productivity in organizations.

Sharing about consciousness – psychology and productivity, Ms. Le Thi Hoang Anh – Smedec 2 expert said that consciousness is an important concept in the fields of psychology and medicine. It is related to human perception and consciousness of the world around them and themselves. The mind includes thinking, perception, consciousness, emotions and intellectual processes.

“Observation” is a technique for spotting issues. We get too comfortable in our daily lives or jobs. Because we perceive everything as normal, we are frequently unable to notice or recognize changes. Problems may arise as a result of the changes taking place all around you. Based on the suggestions below, you can practice watching with either internal or external issues. There are four ways that issues can arise. arising: Forming, before occurring, foreseeing, discovering you, you fall, stated Ms. Hoang Anh.

Besides, expert Le Thi Hoang Anh affirmed that you need to change for the better, change your behavior, change your mindset, you can’t stop thinking and you can choose what you think. Therefore, successful people are willing to change, whereas unsuccessful people avoid change.