A collaboration pact was signed by VSQI and KCL, and a joint office was established.

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On March 21, 2023, Vietnam Standards and Quality Institute (VSQI) and Korea Standardization Testing Institute (KCL) signed a cooperation agreement and opened a joint cooperation office between the two parties.

On the Vietnamese side, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh, The Deputy general director of the General department of Standards, Metrology, and Quality (GSO), Mr. Nguyen Van Khoi, the director of the department of standards, Mr. Phung Manh Truong, the deputy director in charge of the Vietnam Standards and Quality Institute, and representatives of related VSQI departments all took part in the program.

On the Korean side, there were Mr. Lee Heun Soo, Director of KCL VPDD in Vietnam, Mr. Kim Jin Hyeok, Researcher of the International Project Department, Mr. Kim Taek Su, Head of the International Certification Board, and Mr. Kim Jong Sang, Vice President of KCL and Professor of Korea University on standardization.

Mr. Kim Jong Sang spoke to greet the occasion and conveyed his happiness and desire for a lasting improvement between the two parties. Next, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh extended his congratulations and expressed his appreciation for the role played by the quality assurance sector, expressing the hope that the two units’ cooperation would continue to grow closer.

Accordingly, the cooperation agreement covers the development of standards and the establishment of a certification and testing system between KCL and VSQI in areas such as air purifiers, bioplastics, and solar modules. and consumer products.

The two parties work together to set testing standards for new technology and goods in order to jointly create the market. KCL will serve as the testing unit and VSQI will be the certification body based on the test report produced by KCL. unique to Vietnam. fostering the development and international collaboration of the two parties and enhancing the cooperative relationship between the two organizations.