General Assembly of The Organization for International Standardization ISO 2021 – “The future has begun”

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The ISO General Assembly and the sideline conferences in ISO Week, which takes place from 16-24 September 2021, are an important annual event in international standard governance.

At the event, leaders and senior officials from more than 100 ISO members who are national standardization bodies will come together to discuss global topics and make important decisions to help the organization run smoothly and continually improve. The theme of ISO Week 2021 is “Future has begun” which was conceived when the global face and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, ISO has adjusted the new way it works, which will be the first time ISO has organized this event entirely online through an online event platform designed specifically to bring about A whole new experience for the participants.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh – Deputy Director General of the General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality and representatives of Vietnam attended the meeting.

This year, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh – Deputy Director General of The General Department of Standards and Quality participated as the Head of the Vietnamese Delegation to the ISO General Assembly with representatives to participate in discussions and comments on the contents given in the ISO General Assembly as well as symposiums, Events on the sidelines. Also in the most important annual event of ISO, Vietnam has conducted a vote for the voting positions for the ISO Council: Representatives of Group 2,3,4; Position as Vice President of Policy, Technical Administration and Finance.

The contents of Artificial Intelligence, The Future of the Planet, Society, Innovation will be presented to the whole General Assembly for exchange and sharing. Thought leaders and innovators are invited by ISO to inspire and share their ideas on solutions to global challenges and actions that ISO needs to take in line with the ISO 2030 strategy. The ISO 2030 strategy sets out visions, objectives,and priorities,iso identifies 2030 as an important milestone to reflect progress and evaluate its fundamental work. This timeframe is also in line with the United Nations Ambitious Global Agenda towards 2030 through 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Iso’s strategy is built on four key trends impacting ISO’s development strategy: economic and trade uncertainty, changing social expectations, the impact of climate change, and digital transformation.

In particular, the digital transformation is also the content of the 55th ISO DEVCO (Committee for Developing Countries) plenary session held on September 16-17. Armen Orujyan, Ph.D., entrepreneur, innovanovaper and founding president of the Armenian Science and Technology Foundation, said at the 55th ISO DEVCO meeting that scientific development will have a strong impact on the economies of developing countries. The future of developing countries will shift from relying on manual labor to relying on science and technology.

In addition, at the ISO DEVCO meeting, there were also exchanges on how to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities with the support of standards, how to use international standards that can contribute to flexible policy making, improving transparency, the predictability and accountability of the process of managing and stimulating sustainable economic growth. Engaging young people in ISO’s work is a topic discussed at the event, and young people’s participation is considered crucial to bringing creativity and innovation into the development of standards. This year’s ISO DEVCO meeting is an opportunity for ISO members, representatives of international organizations and regional standardization bodies to exchange experience and best practices in support of ISO’s 2030 Strategy and Action Plan for Developing Countries 2021-2025.

The 2022 ISO General Assembly is expected to take place in Abu Dhabi( UAE).