the 63rd Governing Body Meeting (GBM) of the Asian Productivity Organization

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On June 8, 2021, the 63rd Governing Body Meeting (GBM) of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) was held with the participation of the APO Secretary-General, the APO Secretariat and representatives of 21 member economies.

It is the highest-level APO meeting held annually, which include all APO Directors of member economies. The GBM decides many important policy issues of APO such as annual membership contribution, budget allocation for the years, etc. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 63rd GBM was held online.

Speaking at the Meeting, Dr Ha Minh Hiep, Deputy General Director and APO Chair for the 2020-2021 term, thanked the help and support of member economies and the Secretariat, especially during the time when all countries are strongly affected by the epidemic. APO members have gained valuable experiences, recognized new opportunities for building resilience, overcame adversities, and strengthened productivity activities by adapting to the new post-Covid-19 norms.

As Chairman, Deputy General Director Ha Minh Hiep also approved the policies and recommendations of the specialized committees in the APO such as the APO’s membership contribution formula review committee, the COE establishment criteria and reciprocal costs of member economies when implementing APO projects, the APO Award Screening Committee…

The Deputy General Director affirmed that it is a great honor for Vietnam to hold the role of APO Chair for the past 2 years, and congratulated Bangladesh on taking up the responsibility in the coming 2021-2022 term as well as expressing hope for APO’s future achievements and success.

From Bangladesh, the new APO Chair, Ms. Zakia Sultana, thanked Vietnam for its contributions over recent time. Ms. Zakia emphasized that the APO, with the mission of enhancing productivity, is strategically positioned to support its members, facilitate recovery and reactivate the region’s economic dynamism.

Driven by Vision 2025, APO will leverage the organization’s valuable network, continue to improve productivity with clear strategies and action plans.