International Metrology Forum 2021: Accelerating Industrial Development

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This forum was attended by the Director of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures – Dr. Martin Molten, Mr. Anthony Donnellan – Director of the International Bureau of Legal Metrology.

Mr. Graham Machin – representative of the National Metrology Institute of the United Kingdom and Dr. Muhammad AlAbd AlAali – Assistant Minister of Health of Saudi Arabia and Deputy Chief Executive Officer also attended. About the field of medical devices and products at the Directorate of Food and Drugs, Engineer Ali Al-Dhalaan and General Director of the National Center for Measurement and Calibration in Saudi Arabia – Dr. Ismail Al-Faleh.

From the negative effects of the Corona pandemic that have cast a shadow on aspects of life, health, economy, and society, Governor of the Saudi Organization for Standards, Metrology and Quality, Dr. Saadbin Othman Al-Qasabi emphasized that measurement plays an important role in strengthening national and international capacity in economic fields. Saudi Arabia emphasizes the Government’s unlimited support for science, research, and health measurement to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and at the same time ensure the use of measurement tools accurate and reliable.

Saudi Trade Minister Dr. Majed Al-Qasabi highlighted the great contribution of metrology science in strengthening the healthcare system, Al-Kasabi explained that the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) provides measurement standards and calibration services in the field of radiation to national metrology agencies around the world, the World Health Organization, and the International Atomic Energy Agency, helping to ensure diagnostic accuracy and efficiency in the treatment of approximately 7 million patients receiving radiation therapy annually worldwide.

At the same time, 33 million patients are diagnosed with nuclear medicine (a medical specialty that uses radioisotopes, or radiopharmaceuticals, to diagnose, treat, and study several diseases such as hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, bone pain) and more than 360 million patients diagnosed with X-rays.

International Metrology Forum 2021 with the theme “Measurement of Health”. Image: Saudi Arabia Government Portal

According to Mr. Anthony Donnellan – Director of the International Office of Legal Metrology, the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted many international organizations including OIML to increase the level not only of online interaction but also of participation. consulted on new principles for pandemic prevention and control in metrology: Measurement, calibration of Covid testing equipment, testing and assembly of ventilators, etc., from which the national metrology institutes of each country set up standards. testing operations such as Canada, China, the US, and the UK.

In addition, the pandemic also helps international organizations on metrology recognize that measuring for health is one of the top priority issues. The topic of body temperature measurement and fever screening was also raised in the forum because body temperature is also one of the signs of fever screening to conclude the symptoms of Covid-19 infections worldwide.

Mr. Graham Machin from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) gave keynote briefings in the forum on metrology in general and the importance of thermometers. He stated that reliable measurement is essential in many medical facilities because the reliability of thermometers has been eroded by the advent of so many devices and treatments.

Along with research from NPL and other metrological organizations, Mr. Graham also pointed out that in non-contact thermometers (forehead thermometer, thermal imager, ear thermometer), ear thermometers are generally are reliable, are provided for use as directed, and are routinely tested, whereas forehead thermometers appear to be unsuitable for screening for fever in public health facilities.

Therefore, improved thermometer reliability is needed to prepare for future pandemics, while patient health outcomes are also consistent across healthcare facilities to ensure that the data is accurate. the most effective regimen for the patient to reduce the possibility of “avoidable deaths”.

In addition, online training courses and e-learning platforms are also applied by OIML and international metrology organizations in the context of the pandemic, providing knowledge and understanding of the world. on legal metrology, scientific metrology, industrial metrology, calibration, and verification, thereby helping learners to imagine the importance of measurement in life, especially in health aspects. For more details, readers can access the link:

At the end of the forum, the Director General of the National Center for Metrology and Calibration in Saudi Arabia – Dr. Ismail Al-Faleh presented on the role of metrology in medicine. Medical measurements are a familiar part of people’s daily lives, and they play an integral role in disease prevention, symptom detection, and medical care. Therefore, the importance of measurement and conformity assessment decisions in medical support is attracting increasing attention.

The reliability of measuring instruments because of the increased use of microelectronics (Microelectronics) has resulted in higher accuracy rates in measuring instruments. Today’s measurement techniques must meet increasing demands for accuracy, flexibility, and speed. Therefore, measurement becomes more important as nanotechnology, microtechnology advances, as measurement activities require more and more efficiency.

In addition, measurement also reduces the number of rejections and the need for retesting using statistical quality control techniques. This means that medical professionals will save the best possible time to perform tests and get reliable results while reducing the cost of reworking to increase the productivity of the hospital and detect symptoms faster.

Besides, through the determination of the correct dose and calculation of radiation, measurement contributes significantly to human safety. Healthcare processes and methods would be crippled without measurement methods. Dr. Ismail also emphasized that measurement affects the entire healthcare operation and ensures the accuracy and validity of medical examination results to achieve perfect data for safe diagnosis most complete.

At the end of the International Metrology Forum 2021, the representative of Saudi Arabia also expressed the vision of 2030: Promoting the development of industry because measurement greatly supports industry and plays a great role in the field of metrology in promote new industries as well as represent the engine of Saudi innovation.

The full details of the International Metrology Forum 2021 are posted by the Saudi Arabia Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) on the organization’s official Youtube channel: .com/watch?v=i0RB60TOXkw.