Smart manufacturing – New opportunities for Vietnamese businesses

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On July 3, STAMEQ had a meeting to exchange experiences on smart manufacturing with China Productivity Center.

Attending the exchange, on the side of STAMEQ, there were Mr. Ha Minh Hiep – Deputy Director General of STAMEQ and representatives of some units in STAMEQ. The delegation of China Productivity Center (CPC) had Mr. Kuo-Ming Wang – Managing Director, CPC Chief Consultant; Mr. Chien-Fei Chang – Director of Central Regional Office, CPC; Mr. Shih-Lung CHEN – Manager of Training and Integrated Business Services, CPC; Mr. Jui-Fang Liang – Vice President of Accute X Technologies and Mr. Chih-Hsiung Lin – General Director of Joyontek.

Mr. Ha Minh Hiep – Deputy Director General of STAMEQ

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Ha Minh Hiep said that the group at STAMEQ was the first group to approach smart manufacturing (SM). After accessing information from Taiwan and surveying Vietnamese enterprises, he said that currently, SM was a very new content for management agencies and enterprises. Thus, he believed that with the evaluation and technical support of the Taiwanese side, they would help Vietnamese enterprises understand more about smart manufacturing and how to access effectively.

Taiwan was known as a place with a lot of experience in manufacturing industry. Therefore, during this trip, CPC representative – Mr. Kuo-Ming Wang wished to share the experience of smart manufacturing of enterprises in Taiwan to Vietnam. In addition, he hoped to cooperate with Vietnam Standards and Quality Institute and could understand the production needs of Vietnamese enterprises to exchange experience on manufacturing because Vietnam and Taiwan are both APO members.

Mr. Kuo-Ming Wang – Managing Director, CPC Chief Consultant

The industrial revolution 4.0 was creating a significant reform of production technology. In particular, smart manufacturing was growing rapidly and became an inevitable trend. For Vietnam, to access this new wave of technology, the Prime Minister has issued Directive No. 16/CT-TTg dated 4-5-2017 on strengthening capacity to access the industrial revolution 4.0, in which smart production was considered an important factor.

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