Strengthening coordination among ACCSQ working groups

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On June 25, STAMEQ held a workshop on Strengthening Coordination in ASEAN integration activities on standards and conformity assessment.

Attending the workshop were Deputy Director General of STAMEQ- Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh; representatives of ministries, departments: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, etc. and units under the STAMEQ.

Deputy Director General of STAMEQ – Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh

Speaking at the workshop, Deputy Director General of STAMEQ – Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh said that the implementation of the framework of ACCSQ on standards and assessment of compliance had a lot of new promoted activities. Therefore, close coordination between ministries and departments was needed to make Vietnam’s voice clearer within the framework of ACCSQ as well as optimized benefits to ensure national interests.

The purpose of the workshop was to exchange and understand each other about difficulties in ACCSQ working groups. In addition, strengthening coordination between relevant ministries and departments. In the near future Vietnam will be the host of the 52nd ACCSQ meeting, Vietnam is currently the Vice President of ACCSQ and is expected to be the President of ACCSQ in 2020.

The results of the general situation on ACCSQ, in which nearly 300 standard requirements/ technical guidelines are harmonized, four mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) are in force, etc.

Representative of some working groups under ACCSQ.

Regarding the proposal to improve the coordination mechanism between ACCSQ working groups, a number of proposals had been proposed, such as: Building a network of Vietnamese focal points to join the ACCSQ working groups, strengthening exchanging information in the network, maintaining the focal coordination of ACCSQ, PWGs and WGs at least once a year.

Workshop overview

On the implementation of ASEAN’s strategic plan by 2025, completing and developing policies and initiatives to strengthen QI; Implement the obligations of Vietnam to join the ACCSQ and WGs chaired by the Ministry of Science and Technology; Organizing and negotiating, signing and enforcing agreements chaired by the Ministry of Science and Technology; Organizing to effectively implement coordination activities of related ministries and departments.


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