STAMEQ works with representatives of Vinataba- Philip Morris

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For the purpose of protecting consumers’ rights on the quality and safety of new generation cigarettes, STAMEQ had a meeting with Vinataba- Philip Morris (PMI) representatives.

On May 15, STAMEQ had a meeting with Vinataba- Philip Moris representative on new generation tobacco products. Attending the meeting there were Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh – Deputy Director General of STAMEQ and Department of Agricultural-Food Quality Standards (TC4).

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh- Deputy Director General of STAMEQ and representatives of STAMEQ

On the side of Vinataba- Philip Morris there were Ms. Tatiana Kolpakova – Director Regulatory Strategy at PMI Operations Center in Lausanne, Switzerland; Dr. Maxim Belushkin – Manager Product Science & Standards Compliance in PMI Science and Innovation Division at R&D Center in Neuchatel, Switzerland; Mr. James Arnold: Director Regulatory Strategy & Engagement South and Southeast Asia; Mr. Nguyen Huu Anh Luan: Director External Affairs of Vinataba-Philip Morris.

Representatives of Vinataba- Philip Morris

The point of view of Ms. Tatiana Kolpakova was that tobacco has been very popular in all countries in the world including Vietnam, but traditional tobacco with burning process has been damaging to the health of consumers. Therefore, new generation of tobacco is the optimal choice for consumers. She has given a lot of evidence that many countries are developing technical standards for new generation cigarettes such as Egypt are building technical regulations, the UAE has adopted e-cigarette regulations or UK market is being approached and she has provided practical experience in countries that have developed standards for heating products, such as Russia and Kazakhstan, etc.

The standard for new generation cigarettes was announced by the Russian Federation in 2015, this product has no combustion process, thus reducing the harmful compound by 90%. PMI studies on heated tobacco products indicate that there are 3 agreed substances that burn or not burn: CO, NO, NOX. These substances are lower than prescribed, are considered to be hot cigarettes, but if higher or equal to be considered traditional tobacco. In 10 years of laboratory research, product testing and experimentation has proved that when tobacco does not go through the combustion process significantly reduce the compound causing disease. To protect consumers, it is first necessary to create a different scientific premise of traditional cigarettes and new generation cigarettes.

Ms. Tatiana Kolpakova – Director Regulatory Strategy

Philip Morris also proposed to work with the Standard Board to determine which product does not burn and burn so that Vietnam Standards can be developed. Besides, Deputy Director General of STAMEQ expected to work with Philip Morris and highly appreciate the new generation tobacco products./.


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