STAMEQ receives the Asian Development Bank, GS1 Global and GS1 Thailand

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On May 7, 2019, STAMEQ had a meeting with Asian Development Bank (ADB), GS1 Global and GS1 Thailand.

Attending the meeting, there were Mr. Tran Van Vinh – Director General of STAMEQ, Mr. Bui Ba Chinh – in charge of GS1 Vietnam. On the side of the GS1 Global there were Mr. Patrik Jonasson – Public Policy Director, Asia-Pacific; Mr. Pravith Chotiprayanakul, Mr.Shawn Chen and Ms. Mayurintr Petchad – representatives of GS1 Thailand; Ms. Vichelle Roaring and Mr. Le Truong Son – representatives of Asian Development Bank.

Previously, the two sides met and discussed with state agencies on issues related to the development of the Traceability Platform in Vietnam.

During the meeting, Mr. Bui Ba Chinh – in charge of GS1 Vietnam had a presentation on GS1 Vietnam’s Proposal on Traceability System. He said that there had been a trend in Asia-Pacific area of stricter food traceability requirements in recent laws and regulations. The Prime Minister has approved that GS1 Vietnam to become an official authority of government and fully in charge of this scheme. He also emphasized the challenges and difficulties that Vietnam has been facing, that is: No standardized system – this problem was not completely new in Vietnam but it had not been officially managed; Food industry competitiveness – to penetrate into not more fastidious markets with high standards about food safety and origins, but also for nationwide market.

Mr. Bui Ba Chinh – in charge of GS1 Vietnam, Mr. Tran Van Vinh – Director General of STAMEQ (second from left to right)

According to a research, Vietnam ranks 4th in the world in seafood export (after Norway, China and Russia), standing No.1 in Southeast Asia and No.2 in the Asian-Pacific (Source: Saigon Times Daily, 2019).  Therefore, globally legislation for stricter food traceability requirements is necessary, GS1 Vietnam is an exclusive organization in charge of the power and data source of Traceability System locally as well as directly responsible for building and facilitating a national data retrieval system that meets the international standards by GS1 Global.

From the current situation, GS1 Vietnam has proposed the direction the 5-year plan, includes the following stages:

  1. Organize workshops to consult with ministries and agencies on developing standards
  2. Practical field trip
  3. Gathering feedbacks from stakeholders
  4. Promote international cooperation activities
  5. Develop and complete National Traceability Portal
  6. Hardware/ software license server
  7. High-ranked cadres local training

After listening to the presentation from GS1 Vietnam, GS1 Thailand representative also shared about the situation of food traceability in Thailand, outstanding problems and solutions to change the situation. The parties shared their experiences and proposed solutions to overcome the situation of traceability in Vietnam and also agreed with the 5-year planning proposed by GS1 Vietnam.

In the two days of September 8-9, the parties will continue to visit some places (TH Group and Da Lat Milk) to continually work on food traceability in Vietnam./.


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