Seminar on Industry 4.0 & Edu-Tech: Innovative solutions for futuristic productivity improvement

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The industrial revolution 4.0 is going strong and will bring breakthrough changes in all areas and every social aspect. Vietnam is striving towards sustainable growth on the basis of improving the quality of growth and opportunity of industrial revolution 4.0 to increase labor productivity and competitiveness. To achieve that, businesses and educational institutions need to innovate to meet new trends and take advantage of the opportunities that this revolution brings. Stemming from that need, STAMEQ cooperates with the Korea National Productivity Center to organize a Seminar on Industry 4.0 & Edu-Tech: Innovative solutions for futuristic productivity improvement.
Attending the workshop, there were Mr. Ha Minh Hiep – Deputy Director General of STAMEQ, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung, Deputy Director of Quality Training Centre. On the side of Korean delegation there were Mr. Noh Kyoo Sung – President and CEO of KPC, Mr. Yang Seok Won – Director of SWM Co.Ltd, Mr. Song Sung Ku – Vietnam Silicon Valley Management Partner.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung said that we are living in a digital age with the change of the industrial market to the digital market and smart production. Accordingly, innovation is a mandatory condition and plays an important role especially for businesses, universities and training institutions to take advantage of opportunities brought about by the 4.0 revolution, while increasing the power productivity and competitiveness, catch up with the new trends of the world. In that spirit, the workshop aims to introduce the key elements and new trends in 4.0 revolution and technical training; introducing smart production and opportunities for Vietnamese businesses in this area; share good practices of innovative programs and strategies in Korea’s technical training and support the development of relevant policies and strategies by comparing experiences between Korea and Vietnam.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung, Deputy Director of Quality Training Centre

In his presentation on the beginning of productivity innovation, Mr. Noh Kyoo Sung – Chairman and CEO of KPC shared with the current trend of 4.0 revolution is the industrial and intellectual revolution. He put forward the role of innovation and improvement of the revolution that will bring about changes in the Government system, the trend of technology development and the development of the quality of life of the whole country and the world.

Noh Kyoo Sung – President and CEO of KPC

Also in the workshop, Mr. Ha Minh Hiep – Deputy Director General of STAMEQ has shared about opportunities of Vietnamese enterprises in smart production. He also mentioned that the core foundation of smart production is the virtual reality system, which optimizes the process of exchanging the necessary information for production, while controlling the entire production process based on on IoT platform. The role of acting is an intelligent production connection platform, when standards such as product lifecycle standards, production system life cycle standards, data standards in intelligent production are created should have access to smart production in the context of industry 4.0. 

Mr. Ha Minh Hiep – Deputy Director General of STAMEQ affirmed that the core foundation of smart production is the virtual reality system

The Deputy Director General affirmed that in two years (2019, 2020) with the support of the Asian Productivity Organization, the STAMEQ will focus on researching and proposing a number of mechanisms and policies to promote production activities. smart export, report to the Minister of Science and Technology for consideration. Along with that, it will promote cooperation with Asian Productivity Organization to organize training courses and seminars for managers and enterprises to access knowledge about smart production. Development of a team of expert management experts advising enterprises to build and apply intelligent production systems to build and deploy a smart manufacturing enterprise certification system in Vietnam and set construction targets 01 Center for excellence in smart production first in Vietnam

Overall Vietnam becomes a “big factory” of the world, is a “fulcrum” for many large corporations providing products and services competitive in the region and globally. However, Vietnam’s industry is still limited, lacking in modern production, large-scale, weak working skills. Despite improvements, the gap in labor productivity between Vietnam and other countries is still very large. Therefore, there should be solutions to promote smart production in Vietnam.


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