The 48th Meeting of the ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standard and Quality

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The 48th meeting of ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standard and Quality and related events had held in Siem Reap Cambodia from 4-8 December 2017. Attending these meetings were representatives from 10 Standardization Offices of ASEN countries, representatives of international organizations such as the International Electrotechnical Commission, representatives of the partners such as PTB (Germany), Japan, Europe, related officers of ASEAN such as the ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection (ACCP) and the ASEAN Coordinating Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (ACCMSME). Viet Nam’s delegation consisted of representatives from the Directorate for Standards and Quality (STAMEQ) and interested ministries and agencies.


The participants

 At the 48 meeting, the delegates discussed on identification of criteria to select priority areas for integration in the next phase of ASEAN standards, regulations and conformity assessment, promote trade, contribute to the building of a unified market, a common production facility for ASEAN.

At the same time, the delegates focused on reviewing the charter of the ACCSQ Working Groups related to the term of office of the Chairman and Deputy chairman; Review the progress and process path for the conclusion of Mutual Recognition Arrangements including: MRA of ASEAN for Processed Foods, Agreements of ASEAB  on Approval for Automobile Products, ASEAN MRAs for construction materials and measures to promote the harmonization of standards and management regulations for priority areas of integration in ASEAN to achieve the objectives set to 2025.

Delegates also discussed measures to further enhance ACCSQ’s role in international organizations and forums on standards, metrology and quality.

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