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Viet Nam – India promote cooperation on standardization and conformity assessment

On the occasion of the State visit of Indian Prime Minister Nerandra Damodardas Modi to Viet Nam, representatives of Bureau of Indian Standards and Viet Nam Directorate for Standard, Metrology and Quality signed cooperation agreement in the fields of Standardization and Conformity Assessment.

 Viet Nam and India agreed to elevate the current Strategic Partnership to Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi paid the official visit to Viet Nam from 2-3/9 at the invitation of Viet Nam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. On this occasion, Viet Nam and India officially elevated the current Strategic Partnership to Comprehensive Strategic Partnership to present the wide and deep development in the two countries’ cooperation. A series of important documents on cooperation between two sides have been signed.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi paid his official visit to Viet Nam

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc spoke highly of Indian Prime Minister opinions that India sees the relationship with Viet Nam an important key in its Act East policy. He affirmed that Viet Nam has consistent support to India’s Act East policy and India plays a prestigious and powerful position in the region and the whole world.

“The two sides agree to elevate the relationship from strategic partnership to comprehensive strategic partnership in order to reflect the wide and deep development in cooperation between the two countries, to be in line with basic and long-term mutual benefits, to satisfy the wishes of people in the two countries as well as to express the wish for contribution into peace, stability, cooperation in the region and the world”, he said.

The two sides agreed to cooperate in trade, economics and investment with greater potential, to become a strategic pillar in bilateral relationship between Vietnam and India. To accomplish the goal of reaching bilateral trade turnover over 15 billion in 2020, the two prime ministers suggested relevant ministries of the two countries to have drastic and specific measures to facilitate investment, dismantle all barriers and create favorable conditions for enterprises of the two countries

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc praised production innovations in India by Prime Minister Modi and encouraged Vietnam businesses to seek for ways to participate in this initiative. He also expressed his appreciation of Indian corporations to expand the scale of investment in the oil and gas sector, energy, infrastructure, information technology and high-tech agriculture.

The Prime Minister said, he particularly appreciated that India pledged to cooperate closely with Vietnam in the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas. Vietnam committed to continue spending high priority for cooperative partnership in other important areas such as energy, civil nuclear energy, information technology, science and technology, education, health, culture, tourism…

The two prime ministers agreed to promote close cooperation in regional, international fora, especially the ASEAN and related fora. The two sides exchanged views on the East Sea issue and reiterated their desire and determination to work together to maintain peace, stability, security and safety of navigation in East Sea in particular and Asian-Pacific region in general. Both sides said that the parties should peacefully resolve disputes over the East Sea on the basis of international law, including the UN Convention on the Law of Sea (UNCLOS) 1982, in respect with the diplomatic and legal processes.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc expressed his confidence that the extensive cooperation in the spirit of comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and India not only brings mutual benefits for the two countries but also helps to strengthen the ASEAN – India relationship, contributing to peace, stability, cooperation and development in the Asia - Pacific region and the world

Prime Minister Modi said the two sides will deepen defense cooperation for the mutual benefit of the two countries and for the stability, security and prosperity in the region in which Contract for Offshore High-speed Patrol Boats is one specific step .

 “As two important countries in the region, we recognize the need to strengthen relations and coordination in regional and international issues. We agree to take advantage of economic development opportunities in the region, to cooperate in solving emerging challenges in the region, "Mr. Modi said

"During the process that Vietnam strengthens its economy, modernizes agriculture, promotes growth in science and technology, enhances capacity and develops economy faster, becoming a modern country, India with a population of 1.25 billion will always be ready to be partner and friend of Vietnam, "Prime Minister Modi told reporters.

Indian Prime Minister also presented his congratulations to Viet Nam people on the occasion of the National Day 2-9. He recalled the relationship between the two nations which began over 2,000 years ago when Buddhism was spread from India to Vietnam through monuments, Hindu - Cham temples – as clear evidences for this connection.

"For people of my generation, Vietnam holds a very special position in our hearts. Courage of Vietnamese people in the struggle for independence and against colonialism has inspired us. Vietnam's success in unification, as well as the commitment of its people in the national construction express the fearlessness of Vietnamese people, "Prime Minister Modi said.

Prime Minister Modi also said that people in India always admire the indomitable spirit of Vietnam and are delighted at the achievements that Vietnam has achieved.

"The two countries elevating relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership expresses the interest, orientation for bilateral cooperation in the future, make the direction, motivation and new foundation for bilateral relations", he said.

Promoting cooperation in standardization and conformity assessment

On occasion of the official visit of Prime Minister Modi, agencies and partners of the two countries have signed 12 cooperative agreements in all areas, especially the agreement in standardization and conformity assessment is one important mark for Vietnam  Ministry of Science and Technology of Viet Nam and Indian Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public distribution.

Director General of Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality Tran Van Vinh and Mr. Parvathaneni Harish – Indian Ambassador in Vietnam signed the cooperation agreement in fields of Standardization and Conformity assessment 

Representatives of both sides, Mr. Tran Van Vinh - Director General of Vietnam Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality and on behalf of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)  and Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public distribution of Indian Republic, Mr. Parvathaneni Harish - Indian Ambassador in Vietnam signed the agreement.

Regarding this cooperation, both sides expressed the desire, in the spirit of cooperation and for mutual benefit, to enhance and strengthen technical cooperation in the fields of standardization and conformity assessment for the purpose of exchanging information and necessary expertise between the parties.

Specifically, the parties, within its jurisdiction and duties, in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of each country, will encourage and promote cooperation in the areas of:

1. Standardization:

(1) The parties shall exchange information and documentation in the field of standardization. The information and documents include policy and strategy, organization for standardization, regulation and procedures for development of standards, standard development program, comments on the international standards in the various stages of standard development, etc ...

(2) The Parties will exchange scientific and technical information on standardization agreed among the parties.

2. Conformity assessment:

 1 The Parties will study the organizational structure of each Party, regulations and infrastructure for conformity assessment for products to be managed at appropriate level in order to have bilateral cooperation agreement on recognition of results of the conformity assessment.

2 The Parties, within appropriate jurisdiction, will exchange experiences, information and processes for the conformity assessment including product certification and management and testing system at conformity level.

3 Technical information: The Parties will exchange information relating to the collection, storage, query, application and promulgation of scientific and technological information for standardization and conformity assessment.

4 Training: Each Party will provide training to the personnel of the other Party in the fields of standardization and conformity assessment on the basis of reciprocity and in other areas of common interest.

Representatives of Vietnam – Indian agencies signing cooperative agreement in many areas

On occasion of this visit, 11 other cooperative documents have also been signed, including: 

1. Framework Agreement on Cooperation in the Exploration and Uses of Outer Space for Peaceful Purposes

2. Protocol for Amending the Agreement on Avoiding Double Taxation

3. Program of Cooperation in UN Peacekeeping Matters,

4. Protocol between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam and the Ministry of External Affairs of India on Celebrating 2017 as the “Year of Friendship”

5. MOU on Health Cooperation, MOU on cooperation in Information Technology

6. MOU on Cooperation between the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and the Indian Council of World Affairs

7. MOU on cooperation in Cyber Security,

8. MOU between the Bureau of Indian Standards and Directorate for Standard, Metrology and Quality for Cooperation in the Fields of Standardization and Conformity Assessment

9. MOU on Establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Software Development and Training,

10. Technical Agreement on Sharing of White shipping Information, and

11. Contract for Offshore High-speed Patrol Boats between M/s Larsen & Toubro and Viet Nam Border Guards 


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